Why DollarCARE

Have you ever wondered why nobody can tell you how much a medical service or procedure costs?! 
If you have a high-deductible insurance plan, you’re likely footing the bills long before the insurance company pays a dime.  And if you don’t have insurance, you shouldn’t be treated unfairly and charged inflated rates that no one else would be expected to pay.  Either way, you have a lot of out-of-pocket costs that you have little visibility into…until the bill comes.​
So, here is a simple question: If it’s your money, and not the insurance company’s money, then why can’t you compare and find the best price from high quality healthcare providers that meet your needs?

Instantly search and find top healthcare providers that offer the lowest prices for medical and dental procedures, treatments and services

That's why we started DollarCARE. 
DollarCARE provides access to high-quality healthcare at affordable, clear prices for those who don’t have insurance and individuals with high deductible health plans.  We negotiate discounted prices with top ranked healthcare providers in your area and pass on the savings to you. Once you agree on the price, we connect you with the provider's office and they take over from there.
DollarCARE simply puts you in charge of your healthcare. 
Now go Get a Clean Bill of Health™ with DollarCARE.