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Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Is DollarCARE health insurance?
No, DollarCARE is not insurance, it’s an insurance alternative…and we’re proud of that.  DollarCARE provides most of the services that you actually use.  But unlike insurance, we don’t make you pay for the services that you don’t. Join DollarCARE and Visit Our Online Clinic Today.

2.    Is DollarCARE right for me?
If you’re young and healthy, work multiple jobs that don’t offer health insurance or simply don’t believe health insurance is worth all the money and frustration, then DollarCARE may be right for you.  We provide virtual care for the services you actually need.  Plus, you get discounts on the most common prescriptions.

3.    How does the DollarCARE Club membership plan work?
We want to make healthcare as simple as possible.  So, we offer just two DollarCARE Club membership plans: DollarCARE Club Individual for $29.99 per month and DollarCARE Club Family for $39.99 per month (covers you, your spouse and up to two other family members or friends over the age of 18).  Simple as that.  You’ll get $0 online access to urgent care doctors, dermatologists, and mental health professionals, as well as free in-person visits. Plus, you’ll get great discounts and free home delivery on prescriptions. 

4.    What services does DollarCARE offer?
After becoming a DollarCARE Club member, you’ll get $0 online access to urgent care doctors, dermatologists, and mental health providers.  Our board-certified, licensed doctors can consult with you to help treat any non-emergency medical condition.  Our doctors can diagnose your symptoms, prescribe medications, and send prescriptions to your preferred pharmacy.  Our members also have unlimited access to our team of professional Pharmacists who are there to support you and your physicians treatment plan, including any medications prescribed to you.

5.    Does DollarCARE handle all medical conditions?
No. DollarCARE is designed to handle only acute, non-emergency medical issues.  You should not use DollarCARE if you are experiencing a medical emergency. While DollarCARE is not intended to replace your primary care doctor for common or chronic conditions, a virtual doctor appointment can sometimes substitute for an in-person a primary care, urgent care, or an emergency room visit.  For a listing of conditions treated under the DollarCARE Program tap here to see What We Treat.

In case of a medical life-threatening emergency, you should dial 911 immediately.

6.    What if I need a prescription?
As a DollarCARE Club member, you are eligible to participate in our DollarCARErx Savings Program. Our program offers up to 80% savings off Retail Pharmacy Cash Drug Prices at your favorite pharmacy. DollarCARErx is currently available only in Arizona and soon will be expanding to other states.

7.    What if I need to see a doctor or specialist in-person for a service that DollarCARE doesn’t cover?
After visiting our Online Clinic, you'll get free In-Person visits at DollarCARE Preferred Providers and be able to find the best Cash Pay Prices in your area. 

8.    Can I pay cash at the doctor’s office if I don’t have insurance?
Yes, you can!  Most people don’t know that you can Pay Cash at the doctor’s office or that Paying Cash is often less expensive than having insurance.  But not all doctors will accept cash payments.  Finding doctors who accept Cash Pay and comparing Cash Pay prices is nearly impossible.  That’s a key benefit of becoming a DollarCARE Club member.

9.    Can I use DollarCARE if I have health insurance?
Yes!  You can use DollarCARE to manage your deductible or you can choose to not use your insurance and pay cash instead.  If you’re like many people with insurance, you may often be afraid to use it because you don’t know how much you’re going to have to pay out of pocket.  As a DollarCARE Club member, you can get most of the services you need online and use our DollarCARE platform to search for the best value for in-person care.

10.    Where is DollarCARE available?

Our Online Clinic is available anywhere in the United States.  You will have access to our network of board-certified providers based on the state you are located. When scheduling a visit, you will only be scheduled with a care provider who is fully licensed to provide care in your state.  However, our In-Person and Pharmacy services are currently only available in Arizona.

11.    Are the prices listed on the DollarCARE Platform search engine actual prices or estimates?
Healthcare is complicated.  And getting clear prices is hard.  The prices listed on the DollarCARE Platform search engine are “estimates.”  But you’ll find that they are remarkably accurate.  We have done all the research for you.  Just confirm the price when we connect you with the provider of your choice.

12.  Is DollarCARE safe and is my information kept confidential?
Yes!  DollarCARE is safe, secure, and private.  We operate in compliance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and will only share your information upon consent, with your selected provider and pharmacy.
DollarCARE will not sell or rent your personal information to any organization, individual or third party.

13.  When can I become a DollarCARE Club member and how can I cancel my membership if I need to?
DollarCARE doesn't operate like insurance companies, so we don't limit when you can enroll.  You can Sign Up today and instantly access care.  We do require you to be a member for at least 2 months.  After that, you can cancel at any time at no additional costs.  Join Us and Visit Our Online Clinic Today!


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