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Arizona-based healthcare technology startup, has announced the introduction of DollarCARE Platform

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Press Release

PHOENIX, Arizona., March 31, 2020 — Arizona-based startup company, Dollar Care, Inc. has introduced the availability of its online DollarCARE platform. The DollarCARE platform (, enables individuals with no health insurance or high deductible plans to search and find providers near them that offer the lowest prices on medical and dental procedures, treatments and services. Individuals can select a procedure followed by a location and instantly access the average market prices in their area followed by a list of providers with low, transparent prices.

“Given the unfortunate circumstances we find ourselves in, we will likely see more and more individuals with no insurance and or with very high deductible plans who are paying insane amounts for procedures and services,” says Mack Baniameri, cofounder of Dollar Care, Inc. “The reason is because consumers have no idea how much a medical or dental procedure costs until the bill arrives. And most importantly, consumers have no easy way to shop for best prices for medical and dental needs. Our goal is to make healthcare more affordable and consumer friendly. We do that by negotiating fair prices with high quality providers and passing on the savings to the consumers.”

The DollarCARE platform also empowers independent healthcare providers to compete and grow their business by attracting cash pay patients. Healthcare providers that offer low prices on the DollarCARE platform, can directly connect with consumers who shop online for best medical and dental deals.

“The fact that the Trump Administration will require all hospitals across the country to provide clear prices for all of their procedures starting January 2021 proves that the time for hidden and inflated healthcare prices is over,” says Baniameri. “If a consumer can search for the best prices on hotels and airline tickets, they should have the same ability to shop for best prices for healthcare procedures and services.”

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Dollar Care, Inc. 2303 N. 44th St. Suite 14-1280 Phoenix, AZ 85008 Tel: 800.213.1854

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